【Notice】SEKIRO: SHADOWS DIE TWICE / Kusabimaru Tenugui (Hand Towel)

The production of the “SEKIRO: SHADOWS DIE TWICE / Wolf 1/6 Scale Statue” has been delayed from the original schedule, but we are now shipping them out sequentially.

As a token of our appreciation to our customers who have been waiting for a long time, we will be including a special “Kusabimaru Tenugui (hand towel)” with your pre-ordered statue.


●Product Name: SEKIRO: SHADOWS DIE TWICE / Kusabimaru Tenugui (Hand Towel)


Kusabimaru is a katana (sword) that the protagonist Wolf was given by his lord Kuro, The Divine Heir, in the beginning of the story. This tenugui (hand towel) is decorated with the family crest marked on the sword that was passed down in the Hirata clan, a cadet branch descended from Ashina.

The tenugui is finished in indigo, the similar color of the sword grip string, and is decorated at both ends with the wave design seen in Kusabimaru.

This is a replica item born from the imagination that this type of tenugui might have been used in the world of SEKIRO…..

●What is Tenugui?

Tenugui has long been used to wipe water and sweat after washing hands and faces.

In recent years, it is used for purposes other than its intended use, such as accessories or wrappings; moreover, it is even framed and displayed as an art.

In addition, because of the materials and production method, the more a tenugui is used, the more its texture changes with fraying and color fading, so there is a way to enjoy the experience of creating your own unique tenugui by well-used.

手ぬぐい-(1) 手ぬぐい-(2) 手ぬぐい-(3) 手ぬぐい-(4)

手ぬぐい-(5) 手ぬぐい-(6) 楔丸