DARK SOULS Artorias Statue—Check out the thoroughly pursued structure!


Thank you for long waiting!
Artorias the Abysswalker 1/6 scale statue is now available for pre-order starting December 14, 2023 at noon.
The photos here are from the development stage of the molds, and they are very first samples. The statue has several different colors because it is divided into many small parts, and this kind of photos are rare to be show in public, so it may be valuable, we think.


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These are the parts composition in order to recreate the prototype into the product: “head and upper body,” “right and left arms,” “lower body,” “equipment around the waist,” “Greatsword of Artorias,” and “base,” in that order. The statue is divided into many parts to recreate all the fine details, but by painting parts by parts before assembling them, we can also prevent the color from being painted on unnecessary areas.
Especially for parts that cover the irregular surface of the chainmail like the belt on the inside of the upper arm, this method makes the decent and sharp paint possible.


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Although the assembly process is terribly time-consuming, it is possible to thoroughly recreate the overlapping parts or fine details that the prototype sculptor created with the greatest care and hard work.
The chainmail is woven in the same way as real armor and pasted onto the prototype, which is the method applied on many Gecco’s DARK SOULS statues. The shredded chainmail and the sticking darkness of the abyss on it are recreated.

Because of these processes, the actual product is composed of 75 pieces, which is almost 4 times more than the prototype 20 pieces.

If we were to focus on reducing costs, we would have to make the opposite choice, minimizing the number of parts.

However, we cannot aim for high quality in this way, and we do not want to make a worthless product for customers who have spent their own money to purchase it.



Not only the outer appearance, such as the fine details and the poses symbolizing the Artorias character, but also the internal structure has been thoroughly analyzed.
So called “Injection Molding” is usually a process that uses two main materials: PVC and ABS.
While the former is good at recreating fine details, it is sometimes easily deformed by heat. The latter is a hard material, so it will not deform unless something happens to it, but it is not suitable for recreating complex details.
This photo shows parts made of ABS, which helps to support the body of Artorias so that it can withstand long-term display.


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First, the upper body.
In some cases, when large chunks are made of PVC, problems such as shrinkage and deformation of thick parts can occur.
Therefore, we separated the inner part and created an “internal skeleton” made of ABS.
First, the ABS internal skeleton is molded and screwed together at the front and back. Then, it is set into another mold to recreate the appearance of the body with PVC.
This is called “insert molding,” and although one part must be molded twice, the hard ABS inside will not deform, and delicate details can be recreated.


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Next is the right arm.
The right arm is a part that has to bear heavy load because it holds a large sword.
In order to prevent deformation of the bent elbow in particular, a thicker internal skeleton has been inserted into the upper arm.
The connecting shaft of the wrist is also made of ABS so that it can hold the large sword firmly.



As you can see, the large sword also has an internal skeleton.
If it were a simple straight sword, the sword itself would be molded in ABS, but since the sword is large and voluminous, with fine details and damages from the abyss, we decided it would be best to mold it in PVC.
However, if the sword were to be molded in PVC, it would be bent, so a hard bone would need to be added here as well.



And of special note is the internal skeleton of this lower body.
The lower body needs to be stronger to support the bent upper body pose that is symbolizing Altorias.
To prevent deformation, Gecco products are designed to have the legs molded in ABS itself or insert-molded, even in straight poses.
To ensure that the upper body, bent forward, is supported and never deformed, Gecco has created an internal skeleton of incredible volume.
Some may be thinking, “You just made a bone part like any other part?” However, ABS is not suitable for parts with volume.
As explained in the case of the upper body, parts with volume easily shrink, and ABS in particular tends to shrink and deform the more voluminous it becomes.
By using a special molding method, we were able to create a structure that is free from shrinkage and deformation.
The internal skeleton is hidden from view by the PVC covering around it, but if we neglect this process, the figure may not pose properly or may fall forward out of balance later on, so we cannot neglect it.


18 18a

Of course, the ABS skeleton and lid are used for the shins, soles, and even the backside of the base.


19 20

Here we will talk about “gate.”
As those of you who have built plastic models may know, injection molding involves resin pathways called “runner.”
The part where the runner connects to the part is called “gate.”
When separating the part from the gate, it is possible to accidentally cut off the details of the part or, the gate may remain on the part.
This can be solved by careful work, but factory workers are human, and careless mistakes can sometimes happen.

The way to physically prevent this mistake is to set gates in places that will be hidden and not visible after assembly, but this is not always possible for all parts.


21 22

Therefore, for Artorias, we use a special gate (we call it “submarine gate”) for small parts that are difficult to be cut off from gates. Using this method, the runner takes a longer way around than commonly designed runners (dives deep inside of the mold) in order to set the gate in an invisible position after assembly.

This is not a technique that can be used for all parts, but we try to place the gate in a place that will never be visible after gluing, which means placing the gate on the gluing surface itself.

This method avoids accidentally cutting off an important detail due to a minor mistake.



In addition, some outer details of the Greatsword were made of ABS parts, which, after gluing, would support the sides of the large sword with ABS. Afterward, it gets much stronger protection against deformation.


Focusing on sculpting and painting to recreate the excellent design of the original IP is only the start position in creating a statue.

It is not a cheap product, and Gecco believes it is important for you to be able to enjoy your favorite character for as long as possible.

We hope you will place pre-order for this statue born from our concept to “aiming for the ultimate Artorias” from the prototype and paint to the final product!


Product Information→https://gecco.co.jp/en/product/artorias-the-abysswalker/