Tenugui (hand towel) has been popular in Japan since ancient times. This item was created from the imagination that this kind of Tenugui might have been used in the world of "SEKIRO," which is set in Japan at the end of the Sengoku Period (the Age of Civil Wars).

"Tokuoka" fabric, which is made of fine threads in high density, is used, pursuing a soft texture and smooth touch.

In order to recreate the traditional taste of Tenugui, the design is dyed rather than printed, and special care is taken to have the design to be seen through on the reverse side.

The lineup includes three types of designs based on the respective crests of "Kuro the Divine Heir," "Genichiro Ashina" and "Lone Shadow."

PRICE US$24.99
SPEC Cotton Hand Towel
SIZE Approx. 90 x 35 cm
RELEASE April~May 2024
DESIGN Kyohei Yoshikawa (Cassini LLC.)
LINEUP ●Kuro the Divine Heir: Tenugui with the crest embroidered on the back of Kuro's clothes.
●Genichiro Ashina: Tenugui with the Ashina family crest
●Lone Shadow: Tenugui with the family crest of the Interior Ministry that Lone Shadow belongs to.
NOTICE 【About Tenugui】
Tenugui has long been used to wipe water and sweat after washing hands and faces.
Other than its original use, it has been widely used for wrapping, ornament and so on; moreover, it has been displayed in frames as a type of art in recent years..
In addition, because of the materials and production method, the more Tenugui is used, the more its texture changes with fraying and color fading, so it will also be fun to customize Tenugui into your own taste.