Sakura head 1/6 Scale Statue

The psychological horror game “SILENT HILL: The Short Message” focuses on the common fears of today, and the Sakura head featured heavily in the game is recreated here as a 1/6 scale statue.

Thoroughly supervised by Masahiro Ito, the game's concept artist, this is the first produced statue piece for the next generation of SILENT HILL fans.

The sculpture captures the "fragile beauty" symbolized by cherry blossoms and the "haunting horror" that psychologically drives players in the labyrinth-like underworld.

Great care has been taken in sculpting the body lines and legs to express the beauty that exists within the eerie creature.

The base is made in the image of the abandoned apartment building, detailed with sticky notes with curse words scattered on the fence and floor.

SPEC Prepainted statue
MATERIAL Polystone/Polyurethane
SIZE Approximately 410 mm (1/6 scale)
RELEASE September ~ November 2024
SCULPT Shinya Yamaoka
PAINT Katsushige Akeyama (-accent-)
  • Ultra Tokyo Connection (North America)
  • Diamond Comics Distributor (North America)
  • Sideshow (North America)
  • D4TOYS (Other countries)