Robbie the Rabbit T-Shirt, Killer Rabbit ver.

The previously released popular T-shirt, “Killer Rabbit,” inspired by the secret costume from the masterpiece horror game "Silent Hill 3," is once again available for all enthusiastic fans. The Silent Hill cult's symbol "Halo of the Sun" is newly printed inside the T-shirt.

Available in 3 exciting new colors: Denim, Oatmeal, and Saxe Blue.
The T-shirt fabric is made of heavy weight cotton, a thick, durable and long lasting material. The printing process is expertly done in Japan to faithfully recreate the design.

PRICE US$45.00
SPEC T-shirt
COLOR Denim, Oatmeal, Saxe Blue
MATERIAL Heavy Weight Cotton
SIZE S, M, X, XL (Japan Size)
RELEASE June 2021