Day 1, 11:50 am on freeway The Truck Driver 1/16scale Zombie Plastic Model Kit

The Truck Driver.
This poor truck driver died in a horrific car accident, his body propelled through the windshield head first!
His body smashed into the cement ground, rolling end over end, tearing his body up.
He’s half the man he used to be.
An exposed organ part and a cap are included.
The package box is VHS video case size. Fun to collect!

PRICE US$24.99
SPEC Plastic Model Kit (15 pieces all)
SIZE 1/16scale (105 mm tall)
RELEASE May~June,2016
PAINT Kenji Ando
NOTICE ※Painting required

Record the apocalypse with model kits!

Our heroine was suddenly thrown into the world of the living dead.
Escaping from a zombie attack, she heads out of town, to save her little sister, Cindy.
This plastic model kit series recreates the dreadful encounters she faces moment to moment.
Scene 1 captures the moment when she awakes surrounded by zombies on freeway. (Day 1, 11:50 am)
Scene 2 is the diner, where she runs for help after escaping the freeway zombie, but she’s too late – everyone is already infected! (Day 1, 1:27 pm)
The situation grows worse and worse. What could possible happen next?
Create and record the zombie apocalypse with your own imagination!