Day 1, 11:50 am on freeway The Traffic Guard 1/16scale Zombie Plastic Model Kit

The Traffic Guard
When controlling traffic, he got hit by a runaway SUV and slammed against the construction vehicle behind him dying instantly.
His right leg broken beyond repair, his body twisted, he’s still trying to perform his duty even as a zombie!
A stop signboard and a helmet are included. The left arm can be either upholding the signboard or putting it down.
The package box is VHS video case size. Fun to collect!

PRICE US$24.99
SPEC Plastic Model Kit (17 pieces all)
SIZE 1/16scale (115mm tall)
RELEASE May~June,2016
PAINT Kenji Ando
NOTICE ※Painting required

Record the apocalypse with model kits!

Our heroine was suddenly thrown into the world of the living dead.
Escaping from a zombie attack, she heads out of town, to save her little sister, Cindy.
This plastic model kit series recreates the dreadful encounters she faces moment to moment.
Scene 1 captures the moment when she awakes surrounded by zombies on freeway. (Day 1, 11:50 am)
Scene 2 is the diner, where she runs for help after escaping the freeway zombie, but she’s too late – everyone is already infected! (Day 1, 1:27 pm)
The situation grows worse and worse. What could possible happen next?
Create and record the zombie apocalypse with your own imagination!