Cthulhu-Premium Scale Bust, Resin Model Kit

The mythical and haunting Cthulhu is captured as a model kit, designed and sculpted by creature designer Dominic Qwek.
Dominic takes great care in capturing every minute detail with this sculpture.
This bust is cast solid with the finest materials available and will make quite the impression on your shelf.

PRICE US$239.99
SPEC Painting is required
MATERIAL Polyurethane resin.
SIZE Non Scale (30 cm tall)
RELEASE November 2015
SCULPT Dominic Qwek
NOTICE ※Please note, this product is a model kit which arrives unpainted. Also called a “Garage Kit” some painting skills are required.
※Gecco Corp. is authorized to import and distribute this product by The Art of Dominic Qwek.

【Dominic Qwek】
A senior cinematic artist at Blizzard Entertainment by day, at night Dominic creates his own original designs, bringing his concepts to life in 3D.
All the creatures he produces are from his unique vision and imagination turning his digital sculptures into true pieces of art.