Zombie Model Kit, variety of paint work

Tales from the Apocalypse, Day 1, 11:50 am on freeway.
地獄のゾンビ黙示録, Day 1, 午前11時50分 フリーウェイ

One of the funniest part of this zombie model kit is that all the modelers can create their own zombie world. Record the apocalypse with model kits! Create your own harsh survival stories! It’s you to make the ending!

Let us share some paint works by skillful modelers.Check out their unique & amazing approaches.

Built & painted by Rio Kouzuki 作例:香月りお さん

p1010238 p1010239

p1010240 p1010241
Built & painted by Takashi Kanno 作例:菅野貴司 さん

p1010243 p1010244 p1010245 p1010247 p1010248 p1010250 p1010251 p1010253
Built & painted by Takashi Kanno and Rio Kouzuki 作例:菅野貴司 さん& 香月りお さん

Built & painted by tano Kuma 作例:tano くま さん

p1010260 p1010262 p1010264 p1010265 p1010268 p1010269 p1010270 p1010271 p1010273 p1010274 p1010275 p1010277 p1010278
Built & painted by Yasutoshi Hase 作例:長谷靖年 さん

p1010279 p1010282 p1010285 p1010286 p1010290 p1010292 p1010293 p1010294 p1010296 p1010299 p1010301 p1010302 p1010303
Built & painted by Kotaro Ogata 作例:緒方光太郎 さん

p1010307 p1010309 p1010310 p1010311 p1010312 p1010313 p1010314 p1010316 p1010321 p1010324 p1010326 p1010327 p1010328
Built Takeshi Domon 作例:土門毅 さん

p1010329 p1010330 p1010331 p1010334 p1010335 p1010336 p1010338 p1010342 p1010344

Product Info: http://www.gecco.co.jp/zombie-en.html

製品情報: http://www.gecco.co.jp/zombie.html