Monsterpalooza 2016, Exclusive Pre-Sale

Monsterpalooza 2016, Exclusive Pre-Sale
モンスターパルーザ 2016 限定先行販売

We offer the exclusive pre-sale for 3 items from the zombie model kit “Tales from the Apocalypse Vol. 1″ with event special price, US$24.00 (ea); furthermore, each kit is coming with exclusive bonus zombie resin kit taped on the VHS size back card. Limited Quantity!!

Series No. 01 The Heroine/She with bonus zombie $24.00
Series No. 02 The Truck Driver with bonus zombie $24.00
Series No. 03 The Traffic Guard with bonus zombie $24.00

Don’t miss the chance to get the kits a month earlier, with lower price & bonus zombie!!

Further Info about Zombie Model Kit:
Monsterpalooza April 22~24:


Series No. 01 ヒロイン/彼女 with ボーナスゾンビ $24.00
Series No. 02 トラック運転手 with ボーナスゾンビ $24.00
Series No. 03 誘導員 with ボーナスゾンビ $24.00


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