Bloodborne “Hunter” 1/6 Scale Statue Revealed!!

Ahead of the release of PS4 software “Bloodborne” on March 26th, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. had a special Bloodborne event in Tokyo today.

The prototype of our “Hunter” statue was revealed there for the first time although it is still a work in progress. Sculpted by Shinya Akao (HEADLONG). 1/6 scale PVC prepainted statue. 32cm high. It will hit the market in December, 2015.

Please wait for further update.

Bloodborne official site:

ソニー・コンピュータエンタテインメントさんが、PS4専用ソフト『Bloodborne』の 3 月26 日(木)の発売に先駆け、本日東京で完成発表会を開催しました。



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