Behind the Scenes of SEKIRO Statue Product Development

*This blog entry is based on the article originally posted by “Mamegyorai,” our official distributor in Japan.


SEKIRO: SHADOWS DIE TWICE, Wolf 1/6 Scale Statue has been on pre-order for a month, and we’ve had a lot of positive reactions and sometimes questions about the material PVC/ABS.


Today, we are going to have a close look at each part’s structure by seeing the factory test sample.


Here are the factory samples, what we call “Test-Shot.” You’ll probably realize there are several different colors. The black parts are ABS, and the others are PVC. Hardness of PVC is adjustable, and harder PVC is used for structures that need durability; meanwhile, softer PVC is used for complex designs to be recreated well.


Let’s take a look at the upper body. You may wonder why the parts need to be separated, but it is definitely important to recreate the “3D feeling” of the clothes.

And there are complex details of chain-mail & knives in the middle of the chest. Same as other DARK SOULS statues, the chain-mail is one of the most time-consuming part because the prototype was woven and produced in the same way as real armor using tons of metal rings.


However, most of the chain-mail is covered and unseen after assembled. What a bummer!!!

No warries necessary…


The inside can be slightly seen from the different angles.
See? This is what we talked about.
This is pretty effective way to give you the idea of three-dimension. You will have a boring impression unless you see the chain-mail and knives like this.


Then, keep layering the ninja outfit, such as surcoat, scarf, belt and so on. This is exactly the way of dressing Japanese traditional clothes. We hope you will see Gecco pursue realistic statues without compromise.


This is the back of the upper body. The red-circled part is separated from the body so that the design cannot be spoiled.
The sash (belt), flesh colored parts, are also separated. This is not only because of the 3D feeling, but also because of decent paint. It can prevent paint from flowing out on the coat.


The Shinobi Prosthetic is as small as your index finger, yet it is composed of so many small parts. Even the twisted string is faithfully recreated.

By the way, the Shinobi Prosthetic equipped with “Loaded Axe” (in the center of the photo) and “Flame Vent” (in the right of the photo) are included as bonus with the pre-order.


Magnets are installed on the Shinobi Prosthetic and arm so that you will not feel any stress when interchanging them.



The 2 swords “Kusabimaru” and “Fushigiri” are almost all black, which means ABS.

ABS material is good for sharp design, and the tips of the swords may possibly hurt you. Be careful.

Both swords are either held in the right hand or attached to scabbards.



When the swords are returned to the scabbards, only the handle parts will be attached to the scabbards.

The blade parts are not inserted into the scabbards because the scabbards had to be bigger/thicker than the original design to have the blades in them, which will spoil the appearance. The blades could have been stored in the scabbards, but Gecco thinks more of the design than the function this time.


Let’s see the lower body next.

Like as other Gecco statues, ABS material is used for inner frames of the legs, and they cannot be seen from outside. The finely detailed PVC parts cover the frames.内部骨格_左足内部骨格_組立イメージ


The hard ABS parts work like as trunk to keep good posture. This statue has infinite “Posture Gauge.”   *Posture Gauge may be similar to Stamina Gauge in the Souls series.

Thanks to the inner frames, SEKIRO statue can keep standing neat even in melting hot summer.


Check out the toes! You see they holding the roof with strength, don’t you?
“Height” is an important factor of this video game, and the sculpture of the toes expresses a tense moment in high place. Also, it represents the strong posture of Wolf.


There are 24 parts only for the base. Insane…
Moreover, to gain further durability, some parts are made of ABS.


View from lower angle. Even the unseen parts are recreated faithfully. Please check all 360 angles when you get the statue on your hand.


After assembled, it’s hard to see the 3 layers structure, but this is the most massive base ever in Gecco history, maybe.



We’ve reviewed all the body parts in detail, but not the head yet. To tell you the truth, the head structure is quite complicated, so we’ll feature it in another blog entry.